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2007 President's Annual Report — From The Presidents Corner

Where are we – SOITC – today, and where are we going?
The 2007 Annual Report

Year 2006 Activities Review:

What a very successful year the SOITC has had since our official start up Memorial Day weekend at the Elkhart Fairground in Goshen Indiana. Because of the Boards and Club member’s efforts our SOITC organization is steadily growing and becoming successful.

Listed below are significant business actions and tasks that have been accomplished for our entire membership since our inception as a recreational vehicle club. Those events are:

  • Approved charter and By-laws with a volunteer elected Board emplaced
  • Retention and expansion of Dealers and after market RV suppliers for future club events
  • Establishment of a club website and a members and non-members internet forum
  • Development of a universal club informational brochure / flyer / application
  • Approval as a registered Incorporation with the Indiana Secretary of State office filing process
  • Approval as a U.S. Federal Internal Revenue Service officially recognized 501 c (7) non-profit activity
  • Purchased SOITC Liability Insurance coverage for the Board of Directors as well as club members for national, regional and chapter regularly schedule rally activities. Also now have bond coverage of the Board Treasurers position.
  • Developed and implemented a low cost, e-mail mass mailing notification, process for dissemination of timely information and data to our membership
  • Developed and implemented a Quarterly Club newsletter and now also have an Editor that assists in gathering subject matter for future publication within the Club’s Secretary matrix of activities.
  • Board can provide limited supplemental funding to either regional or state chapter formation activities thus enhancing the goals and charter of the Club recreational activities.
  • Board contracted for and made deposits for National rallies, 2007 Branson MO., 2008 Amana Colonies IA, 2009 Elkhart Fairgrounds, Goshen IN.

Year 2007 Goals & Objectives

  • Continue planning and organizing recreational and informative rally activities that educates our members in attendance as well as providing a relaxing and social atmosphere.
  • Continue to develop dealer support that is willing to pay the purchasing suites owners SOITC membership fee. These types of dealers are important because they are really providing support of our “Foundation Sponsors” which is providing members with reduced costs for Club events.
  • Develop benefits for Club members by recruiting sponsors who provide discounts for RV related needs. Current sponsors as Farm & City Insurance, Fantasy RV Tours, and Design Wear Haus. Presently working with Camping World for affiliation support Example the survey in this years rally welcome packet (Discuss)
  • Through both members and non-member’s support try to have our Suites forum become the principle communication tool for constructive and informative exchange of information thus improving our knowledge of RV locations, service issues and just good general exchange of common subjects and issues through promotion and use of our Club Forum internet site.
  • Solicit all members to expand the information available about the SOITC in their travels and trips in the US and Canada.
  • Refine Club By-laws narratives to stated properly “Say what we do & do what we say” after now having one years worth of experience. Based on the summary handout you received in this years rally packet you will note that the changes the Board is recommending to the Club membership are mainly administrative minor corrections with exception of the Terms of Board officer positions. That change if approved by the Club membership shall better transitional continuity Vs. the way the present narrative is stated
  • Continue developing formal processes, through liaison communication with DoubleTree Manufacturing management which allows our RV travel club membership to grow.
  • During the next Club business & reporting year, and prior to our next annual meeting May 2008, have identified and contracted with appropriate rally site management 2010 & 2011 locations. Board has agreed to research the Las Vegas, NV area and the Myrtle Beach, SC to Pigeon Forge areas as potential rally sites that would occur in the previously stated timeframe.

Club Activities that Need Members Assistance (Existing & Future)

  • Need volunteers for the following Committees, Parking, Registration, Decorations, Raffles Prizes,& Sales, Entertainment, Seminar Recommendations, Ladies Activities & Golf Events
  • Need a Club Web-master for updating our home page and forum configurations and content.
  • Quarterly Club news letter development that allows members to receive, as well as submit, articles of interest in a variety of areas. Examples are, RV Tech Discussions, Cooking & Recipes, Computer Hints, Book Reviews, RV travel secluded locations, Special Interest activities.
  • Where possible start planning and having more regional activities within the three different Club regions as well as individual state and provincial areas. Publish a suggested planning guide (checklist) for conducting this type of event including how to have the existing International Club level Insurance policy cover that planned event.

Respectfully Submitted, May 18, 2007.

Wayne A. Rothwell
President, SOITC


Updated 5/31/2008