Several Club members have requested that we put together a “Sponsors & Vendors Info” to assist with potential sponsors.

Here are some excellent recommendations from our sponsors, see what dealers are saying about the benefits of supporting SOITC!:


Below are specific SOITC web pages, which together will provide any Club member a “Sponsors & Vendors Info” for potential RV and after-market businesses:

Step 1

Print the Home Page Welcome letter as page one of the kit.
This page provides a short introduction about the Club as well as our goals and objectives.

Welcome Letter

Step 2

Print the SOITC Corporate Sponsors Guidelines as page two of your kit.
This page allows you to show potential sponsors the process and procedures in place for our Sponsors Program.

Sponsors Guidelines

Step 3

Print the Sponsor’s Page as the remainder of your kit.
They allow you to physically show potential supporters how we display our sponsors business services and merchandise on our SOITC website, for our Club members to inquire about and or place an order.

Sponsors Page

Step 4

Print the Sponsors/Vendors Application Form (PDF 572kb)
(You can also find this form on the Sponsor’s Page.)

Sponsors and Vendors Application Form

Other Recommendations:

  • If coordinating with a Suites RV dealer, and they are reluctant to provide a financial donation, seek their support in becoming a “Foundation Sponsor for New SOITC Members.” Recommend that they consider paying for the new owners SOITC when they finalize the sale of a DRV Luxury Suites RV models. Example: if a dealer sells twenty (20) RV suites (units) yearly and all of them opt for a one year membership, That is 20 (units) x $35 (per each unit) = $ 700 supplemental financial dealer support. Needless to say if some or all of the newly acquired Dealers opted for the two (2) year membership SOITC would be receiving $1,000 yearly supplemental support.
  • Present to them a copy of our membership application. Our mailing address is found printed on the membership form.
  • You can leave this Sponsors & Vendors Info with the management that you are coordinating with.
  • Please consider printing out this Sponsors & Vendors Info narrative when planning to visit potential sponsors, for your own use.

Thanks to all our Club members for their support with this Sponsors & Vendors Info.